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Laura Van Meter

Stage Your Home & Get It Sold

When you place your home on the market, it will be in competition with many other homes.  You want your home to SHINE and stand up to that competition and staging is how to do it!

Pay attention to the details.  Make minor repairs inside and out.  You may have been tolerant of a broken doorknob or a leaky faucet, but these things can ruin a buyer’s first impression.

Clutter is a huge turn-off to potential buyers, so clear it out and minimize personal effects. Get your house in the best condition it can possibly be and remember these words when listing your house:  Fix it up!  Brighten it up!  And most importantly—Clean It Up!

The following are suggestions that will help you stage your home. The investment of your time and money will make your home stand out against the competition and attract offers!

Achieve Curb Appeal
First impressions are the most important and it starts with curb appeal when potential buyers arrive for a showing.

> Trim shrubs, hedges, trees and lawn and rake up dead leaves
> Reseed worn patches in the lawn and weed and feed the lawn
> Repaint or replace a worn mailbox
> Repair and/or repaint the fence
> Pick up all litter and trash, garden tools and toys
> Repaint your front door and accessorize the exterior entryway.  Get a new door mat.  Add a colorful potted plant.  Next to curb appeal, your front entry makes a strong impression on prospective buyers.

House Exterior

> Repair siding and trim
> Check weather stripping and caulking around doors and windows
> Repair screens or storm door if necessary; remove screens if they are worn
> Rent a power washer and clean steps, railings, decks and sidewalks
> Put up new house numbers in a design compatiable with your home style
> Wash all windows inside and out and let the sunshine in!

House Interior

Declutter! Every. Single. Room.
> Repaint interior walls and finishes, if needed
> Make your home look well-kept and inviting
> Make sure all appliances are in good working order and replace dated appliances
> Check and repair deficient plumbing or electrical systems
> Replace worn carpets and clean all floor coverings
> Make sure caulk around sink, shower, tub and windows is in good condition
> Replace broken light fixtures, change burned out bulbs and make sure each room is well lit
> Clear clutter from your bathroom countertop and shower area, and add a fresh bath mat and bright new towels

Roof and Chimney

> Check your gutters and remove debris and repaint if needed
> Check chimney flue and clean obstructions
> Check flashing around vents, skylights and chimney for leaks
> Install wire screens in roof ventilation areas
> Check roof for leaks and condition of roofing shingles

With these repairs and touchups, your home will be in top-notch condition to attract buyers and offers!


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